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About Wellsteps

When Dr. Steven Aldana and Dr. Troy Adams combined forces to create WellSteps, we had both been conducting research, teaching students, and consulting with many companies that wanted to improve employee health.

We both had learned what it took to transform a worksite into a place where employees and their families could be healthy. We also both had a passion to apply the lessons of 40+ years in academia - so we created WellSteps. And it all started with this phone conversation:

What are you doing next week?
Nothing interesting.
Can you get to San Diego?
Sure. Why?
I think the two of us can help people change. Oh and also, there is great boogie boarding in San Diego.
Boogie boarding? hmmm. Helping people? hmmm. No more faculty meetings? hmmm. I’m there!

And the rest is history. We love it when published evaluations of our behavior change solutions contribute to the evidence-base that supports this field. All WellSteps solutions address the very problems we had both seen our entire careers. WellSteps solutions work because they are simple yet revolutionary. Watch the video below!