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Welcome to the LIVESMART Health and Wellness Program

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We are proud to offer a comprehensive wellness solution.



To login, click "login" at the top right of this page. To register, enter your username (first name_last name_birth year (YYYY format).

What's My Username?


  •  Your username is your first name_last name_birth year (YYYY format)


  •  Your username is the employee's first name_last name_birth year (YYYY format) - S 

What are the activities to complete for the 2019 Wellness Premium Insurance Discount? Learn more HERE

To get the LIVESMART insurance premium discount for the 2019 plan year, you must complete these activities by November 30, 2018. *As a note, participation in the wellness program is 100% voluntary and optional. 


Learn about Fitness & Recreation Reimbursement for 2018 HERE


Questions? Contact LIVESMART at (888) 501-1252 or (205) 599-8340

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