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About Us - Troy Adams


I took an anatomy class as a freshman and I was hooked! I still think the human body is amazing. That class, my own experiences with healthy living, and a desire to help people, pushed me toward a degree and career in Exercise Physiology. I am still an ACSM certified Health/Fitness Director.

When I learned that an understanding of the body did not prepare me to help people change, I decided to pursue a doctorate with that goal in mind. I enrolled at the UT Austin in 1991 and wound up developing a way to measure wellness. I still get emails from all parts of the globe about my work.

As an academic, I published dozens of articles, lectured and consulted all over the United States and in some international locations. My research and that of my partner Steve provided a perfect foundation for everything we do at WellSteps.

I served for several for years as the Editor for the American Journal of Health Promotion and as a member of the National Wellness Institute Board of Directors.

I always wished that as a wellness professional, I had more tools to help people with their emotional health. So I wrote a book based on real people and real experiences. To order copies, contact me.