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Be Healthy For You 2020-2021

Welcome to the Boise School District Wellness Program!

The Boise School District rewards you for taking responsibility for your health, by offering the Wellness Medical Plan for those who earn 275 WellSteps Rewards Points. Earning these points can save you more than $480 per year!

• The points you earn this year determine if you and your dependents are on the Standard Plan or Wellness Medical Plan in 2021-22. The deadline date to earn 275 points for Wellness Plan is March 31, 2021.

• Go above & beyond! Receive a $90 gift card (in addition to Wellness Plan) by earning a minimum of 375 WellSteps Rewards Points. To get started earning points, login and complete your Personal Health Assessment. Next, visit the Rewards page to start checking off the activities you complete.

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Active Employees: Employee ID# followed by BSD.
Example: 123456BSD

Retirees: Date of birth, followed by the first four letters of last name. 
Example: Jon Smith born September 12, 1952: 091252smit

Only primary subscribers of medical benefits have to meet the 275 points needed to opt-in to the 2021-22 Wellness Medical Plan. The same level of benefits chosen by the primary subscriber will carry over to dependents.

Please remember to make updates to your WellSteps ACCOUNT (menu>account in your program center) if:
  • You've had a name change, OR
  • You are planning on retiring and will be under 65 and on the Regence Medical Plan
For additional information on the Boise Schools Wellness Program, please visit:

For questions, contact:
Isabel Kurita
Employee Wellness Coordinator, Boise School District

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