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Mohawk Valley Health Systems

Welcome to the 2020 MVHS Wellness Program 


 We are proud to offer a comprehensive wellness program for our employees. 

MVHS WELLNESS NOTICE 7/1/20: Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the program has been limited to users who have been active in the program between January and June 2020. If you registered previously but did not utilize the program between January and June 2020, you will need to wait until 2021 to resume participation in the MVHS Wellness Program. Thank you for your support and participation! Stay tuned for more to come.


Additional Orientation Resources


Click "login" at the top right of this page or "register" by entering your username below.

What's My Username? MVHS company number + badge number (or employee number)


Employee Username (ID #) will be your company # + your badge # (or employee #)

Example: FSLH company # 2000 and my badge # is 3456. Your username will be 20003456.

Company #'s
Your WellSteps username is your company # + your badge # (or employee #) as follows:

  • FSLH : (2000+Badge Number)
  • SEMC: (5000+Employee Number)
  • St. Luke's Home: (3140+Badge Number)
  • Centrex: (9000+Badge Number)
  • VNA: (4130+Badge Number)


During registration, you can change your username and that will be the username you use to login in the future. 


    Questions? Contact your WellSteps Guides, Isabel Thayer (mvhs@wellstep.com or 607-378-3387) and Krista Peterson (mvhs@wellsteps.com), or your Wellness Coordinator Don Washburn (dwashbur@mvhealthsystem.org). Your Wellness Ambassadors are also available to answer any questions and concerns. Additional questions can be directed to HR at 315-624-6094.


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