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How Do You Choose the Right Biometric Screening Company?

WellSteps does comprehensive wellness programming but we do not conduct biometric screenings. For the several years we have helped our clients find and work with companies that do conduct screenings. This trial-and-error approach to finding the best biometric screening companies has shown us what to look for when selecting a vendor.

A big impact on the quality of their service comes from a lot of merging and acquisition among the different biometric screening companies. Below is a list of the top 10 biometric screening companies that we have been able to identify.

Any company on this list is there because they were recommended by current WellSteps clients, brokers, consultants, and other wellness professionals.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right biometric screening company:

  • Start small: rather than conduct screenings for an entire corporation, you can start with a small group of employees and see how it goes.
  • Talk to the existing clients of the company you are considering. Ask them what they do and don’t like about the biometric screening company they work with. This is the one, true source of unbiased vendor information.
  • Check if they have an app for mobile devices to help employees upload and securely submit current biometric data
  • See if they make it easy to make, keep, and change screening appointments.
  • Ask if they allow you to bring lab data from your primary care physician.

Biometric screening has become a commodity; there are hundreds of companies and thousands of labs who have the ability to quickly evaluate blood. The point of doing biometric screening is to help employees reduce elevated health risks.

To do this, you have to help them improve their health behaviors by changing their diets and making exercise a habit. This is the core of every effective wellness program.

WellSteps does not do biometric screening, but we rely heavily upon the screening data to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life.  To help wellness programs do this right, see the definitive guide to doing biometric screening.

Biometric screening data is useless unless employees do something with the results.

Top 10 Biometric Screening Companies (in alphabetical order)

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

BioIQ: http://www.bioiq.com/

BioIQ was founded in Santa Barbara, California in May 2015, and has become one of the top biometric screening companies in the United States. They have totally revolutionized the way health measurement is done by creating software that can test your health remotely rather than in person. This has allowed more people to have access to health tests than ever before. As a result, people now have additional insight into their health that they wouldn’t have had before. Biometric screening vendors like BioIQ have helped millions of people and thousands of companies through the use of their health improvement technology.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

eHealthScreenings: https://www.ehealthscreenings.com/

eHealthScreenings is the Nation’s leading provider in the facilitation and management of onsite and offsite biometric health screening data collection and data transfer. Services are provided on a national scale through a national team of certified Wellness Technicians, robust network of patient service centers, and a licensed physician in every state. Services are offered to companies of any size and industry; no matter the volume or geography we are equipped to fulfill all scope of work requirements. Through a strict set of core values, protocols, procedures, and cutting-edge technology, we provide an exceptional screening experience for client, partner and participant.

Labcorp: www.labcorp.com

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies wellness testing

LabCorp is one of the top biometric screening companies in the nation. Out of all the biometric screening vendors that are out there, LabCorp utilizes some of the most advanced medical technology in the industry for conducting state-of-the-art laboratory medical tests. LabCorp has a network of specialty testing laboratories and primary clinical laboratories spread out across the country. Headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, LabCorp delivers top quality diagnostic solutions to individuals and companies which enable medicines to be brought to them faster.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies wellness testing

Onsite Health Diagnostics: http://www.onsitehealthdiagnostics.com/

Onsite Health Diagnostics is one of the best biometric screening companies we have worked with. They offer two pricing strategies; one of which allows them to cover the nation without requiring site minimums. Best of all, they offer 4 methods for biometric screenings: onsite, lab, physician form, and a home test kit. Because they allow employees to bring their own medical data, they have the flexibility employees like. They are not going to test anyone if they already have valid lab data. This saves time, money, and patient pain. They will work with groups of any size and location.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

Quest Diagnostics: http://www.questforhealth.com/

Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness conducts over 3 million biometric screenings and over 500,000 flu shots annually. They also offer targeted testing with PSA, Vitamin D, A1c, TSH, hsCRP and InSure® FIT™ screening options. Their services also include incentive management and health education options, and now feature a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in Omada Health, and Physician Health Information Sessions (PHIS) through PWNHealth to help employers leverage screening data to implement health improvement services.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

Star Wellness: http://starwellnessusa.com/

Star Wellness is one of the leading biometric screening companies that conducts biometric screening tests and health assessments on the employees  of our clients. The information that is gathered from these screenings and assessments can then help employers implement the proper corporate wellness program into their organization. Companies understand that their businesses suffer when their employees are sick or unhealthy on the job. Star Wellness assists these companies in finding the right solutions that will enable their employees to lead healthier lifestyles.

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wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies wellness testing

Synergy Wellness: http://www.synergywellnesshealth.com/

Synergy Wellness is based in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been one of the top biometric screening companies in the United States for the past 30 years. Their healthcare experience expands to a variety of different fields, but they mainly conduct biometric screening tests on individuals and company employees. As one of the leading biometric screening vendors, Synergy Wellness can test people’s blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and body composition. Once these results come back, Synergy Wellness utilizes a team of onsite coaches who will educate these people on what they can do to become healthier.

companies wellness testing

The Wellness Company: http://twc.thewellcomp.com/

The Wellness Company is based in Rhode Island and was founded in 2000. As far as biometric screening companies go, they are one of the top biometric screening companies in the nation. However, The Wellness Company is really a medical services organization that provides screening programs and health programs for their clients. Some of these clients include communities, colleges, schools, organizations, small businesses, and big corporations. They even have a series of flu programs to ensure that students and employees become vaccinated properly before a potential flu bug gets spread around in their organization.

total wellness

TotalWellness Health: https://www.totalwellnesshealth.com/

No matter how large your organization might be, TotalWellness can offer customized health and wellness services that help you deliver better programs to your employees. Services include biometric screenings, flu shots, and wellness services.  Using TotalWellness, you will see a decrease in employee absenteeism and increases in productivity, safety, and focus. Plus, they will become better moms and dads, improved contributors to their communities, and help drive enhanced outcomes for your bottom line.

worksite health

Worksite Health: http://www.worksitehealth.com/Make-It-Easy.aspx

Based in California, Worksite Health is one of the nation’s top biometric screening companies. Their mission is to assist organizations and companies in being able to provide high-quality onsite wellness solutions to their employees. There are many biometric screening companies out there, but Worksite Health is one of the few biometric screening vendors with the experience and qualifications to conduct the right kind of screening tests. Some of these tests will determine blood pressure, height, weight, glucose, lipoprotein, cholesterol, and more. After the results are in, employees will receive a coaching session on how they can turn any negative results around.

Wellness Screening is Easy. It’s What Comes Next That Matters.

Despite what actually happens in many wellness programs, there are actually two important parts of having a successful biometric screening program.

The first part is gathering data (bloodwork and measurements) and generating risk scores. This is the easy part—any biometric screening company can do it. In fact, it’s so easy you can buy a kit and do it yourself at home.

There are also medical professionals or vendors who are professionally trained to take your blood and calculate your results. The hard part is knowing what to do with the information once you have it. Lowering elevated blood pressure, glucose, or cholesterol—now that is a different issue altogether.

At the end of the day, isn’t that the reason for the screening in the first place? This whole situation reminds me of a Seinfeld sketch where Jerry talks about the difference between taking a car reservation and actually holding the reservation.

Typically, an employee who has recently received their biometric data will get a chance to visit with a nurse or a health coach. The results will be discussed and some recommendations will be made and most likely the employee will walk away with a brochure and encouragement to visit with a primary care provider.

This is all well and good, but this is also where the process breaks down. Employees with dramatically elevated health risks will be vigorously encouraged to seek medical attention. The proper medical treatment protocol for elevated cholesterol and blood pressure is to first start with Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC). 

This is a fancy way of saying adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is the correct approach to take with elevated health risks because, after all, the elevated health risks are almost always just a symptom of a larger problem: unhealthy behaviors.

If individual employees with elevated health risks adopt and maintain habits that include good nutrition and regular physical activity, meaningful improvements in their health risks will occur. Despite this treatment protocol, most physicians are only able to provide some encouraging conversation and perhaps another brochure.

wellness screening

There are very few options to engage in therapeutic lifestyle change within the current medical community. Doctors are not reimbursed to have conversations with their patients. They get paid when they put something in you or take something out of you.

Many doctors don’t ever talk about healthy lifestyles with their patients because they don’t believe patients will do anything anyway; why waste time talking about good nutrition and physical activity if the patient is unlikely to make the necessary behavior changes?

Often they are quick to prescribe risk reducing medications. These medications work, but they don’t address the underlying problem of  unhealthy behaviors.

To help employees with elevated health risks, wellness programs need to offer programming that is based on effective behavior change concepts. These can be challenges, campaigns, courses, or coaching designed to help employees and their significant others improve nutrition habits and exercise patterns.

WellSteps does this by offering specific behavior change campaigns, challenges, and WellSteps TLC. This program is effective at reducing elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, and body fat without medication. If employees have high health risks after multiple attempts and considerable efforts to adopt healthy behaviors, then it’s time to start taking risk reducing medications.

How much does a biometric screening cost?

The cost of biometric screening ranges from $35 to $80 per person depending on these factors:

  • How many people will be screened, more people = lower cost
  • What lab tests will be performed
  • How much patient follow up is requested
  • How much travel screeners have to do

Why do employers offer biometric screenings to employee?

Employers that offer wellness programs want to help employees have optimal health. A blood draw allows employees to identify any elevated health risks or conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Good wellness programs help employees lower health risks.

So What?

Biometric screening is one of the most important and effective things employees can do as part of their wellness program. Every adult should be screened at least once and later if necessary. These biometric screening companies and most healthcare providers can help you know your numbers. But knowing your numbers doesn’t mean much unless you are able to reduce elevated health risks by adopting and maintaining healthy habits.



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Dr. Aldana is the CEO of Wellsteps, a worksite wellness solution that leads the nation in wellness program deployment and engagement. Dr. Aldana authored over 75 scientific papers and 7 books on health risk management, healthy living, and health promotion programs. He has given over 350 keynote speeches across the U.S. on the ability of good nutrition and regular exercise to prevent, arrest, and reverse many chronic diseases.

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