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Includes industry-best wellness programming with award-winning service by our WellSteps Guides

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Includes all the essential tools needed to run a successful program. With the added ability to customize based on your need. (IE outcomes-based wellness programs with Disease Management application.)

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Employees earn points by completing monthly wellness activities that can be verified. The points can be redeemed for prizes chosen by you.

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Ready to start now? Join our comprehensive approach with the Launch program. Enjoy the benefits of a wellness program without added work.

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Resell WellSteps

We will train your staff to use the WellSteps platform. Once trained, you can offer the nation’s best wellness program for as little as $.50 per participant per month. You can even generate revenue by offering your own wellness program powered by WellSteps!

Become a reseller.

You’ll learn to manage the WellSteps wellness platform. You can white label WellSteps and manage the program yourself.

$0.50 per participant.

When trained to manage our system, you can offer the nation’s best wellness program for as little as $.50 per participant per month.

Generate revenue.

Brokers, carriers, and others can offer the WellSteps platform to all their employer groups and create a robust revenue stream.

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“WellSteps helps us plan and execute wellness initiatives that everyone uses.

Joyce Quirk
Woodard & Curran

WellSteps Solutions Work.

THE EVIDENCE SHOWS that WellSteps employee wellness solutions are effective. That is why we guarantee employee engagement, health improvement, and a return on investment. Employee related expenses due to health care, absenteeism, and poor productivity, are caused by unhealthy employee behaviors, elevated health risks, and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Independent research indicates that our solutions improve each one. WellSteps Improves Unhealthy Employee Behaviors 1,2,3 The charts below shows improvements are sustained for at least two years. When employees improve behaviors they cost less because they have fewer health risks and less chronic disease.

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