13 Ways to Boost Nutrition in the Workplace - You can't force your employees to eat a certain way. But you can boost nutrition in the workplace with a few unique ideas.
How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace - Follow these seven ways how to improve mental health in the workplace and see fantastic improvement in the wellbeing of your employees.
7 Signs of a Healthy Work Environment Leaders Can Support - Although most work environments don’t require inspections and maintenance for safety standards, there are many signs of a healthy work environment that can guide leaders on where they can improve. Employees come with all kinds of health backgrounds, needs, and stages of life that need to be supported in different ways. Favoring a healthy environment […]
How to Incentivize Employees Without Money to Better Their Health & Wellness - The simplest ways how to incentivize employees without money to participate in your company wellnesss program may be simple competitions.
Easy ideas for increased fitness in the workplace Easy Ideas for Increased Fitness in the Workplace - Achieving increased fitness in the workplace is not easy. Try these 7 tips to help increase movement and health for your employees.
11 Unique Ways for Reducing Stress Levels in the Workplace - Reducing stress levels in the workplace is essential for your organization to operate as well as it could to benefit everyone involved.
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5 Unique Ways to Help Employees Drink More Water - Encouraging employees to drink more water instead will keep them healthier and perform their job functions better.
19 Healthy Work Environment Examples to Upgrade Your Employees Physical Well-Being 19 Healthy Work Environment Examples to Upgrade Your Employees’ Physical Well-Being - With the majority of people lacking in physical movement all day, every day, the need for healthy work environment examples is vital.
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How Wellness Programs Help Improve Employee Morale - Improve employee morale in your company by starting with understanding the issue. What’s troubling your team? How do you deal with it?
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What is Workplace Wellness What Is Workplace Wellness? A Complete Guide - Workplace wellness are plans formulated to support better health environments and outcomes for employees. Here is what you need to know.
Wellness Company: Why Every Company Must Become One Now - As the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects remain a persistent presence in our lives, it has allowed companies to adapt to a new way of working and become what we now call a Wellness Company. When things went topsy turvy, employees, executives, and senior-level management were equally hit. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic for companies to realize […]
10 Ways to Promote Health and Wellness Topics for Employees - Health and wellness topics for employees need to be promoted in the workplace for the sake of the employees and the company. If employees are more engaged in these topics, they are less likely to suffer from mental health disorders, obesity, and other types of health complications. “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country […]
workplace health promotion program 8 Workplace Health Promotion Program Examples That Work - It’s no secret that promoting health in the workplace is vital and necessary. Still, companies willing to invest in a workplace health promotion program don’t want to spend their valued resources on programs that don’t work; otherwise, their investment isn’t worth their return. The most important return is employee health and happiness. Proven workplace health promotion […]
Healthy Employees: An Important Factor For Workplace Productivity - The pandemic continues to take a toll worldwide, significantly compromising people’s physical, mental, and emotional health, and workplaces have been among the most severely affected. As companies and employees adjust to a new normal of remote and hybrid workplaces and new stressors, cultivating a workplace with healthy employees is the need of the hour.  In […]
benefits of meditation and mindfulness 9 Workplace Well-Being Activities to Skyrocket Employee Productivity - Workplace well-being activities are more important than ever, especially now that job burnout has become a common cause for resignations across America.  According to a 2020 report released by analytics firm Gallup, 74% of employees have claimed that they experienced symptoms of job burnout due to various reasons, including heavy workloads and subpar management.  Whatever […]
Wellness Plan Examples For HR Reps Starting From Scratch - Maintaining good health is of utmost importance now more than ever. Do not worry if you do not have the slightest idea about developing an employee wellness plan. We are here to give you wellness plans examples that will help you take care of your employees, along with tips for preparation and smooth implementation. On […]
8 Desirable Benefits of Corporate Wellness Challenges for Employees - Corporate wellness challenges for employees may be nothing new for some teams, especially those who have years of experience working for a company with a health program. Those who are about to have their first taste of employment might find these wellness challenges fun and even exciting. Companies that make an effort to conduct workplace […]
Learn-What-Issues-Matter-For-Millennials-Wellness-Programs How to Create Company Wellness Programs For Millennials in 5 Simple Steps - Company wellness programs for millennials need a different approach in order to be effective. In today’s article we’ll be discussing how to do this and why it’s so important. Ten years ago, businesses that included company wellness programs offering health benefits along with other perks, tended to be the ones able to retain and attract […]
16 Staff Wellness Activities for Creating a Healthier Workplace in 2022 - A good employer or supervisor must develop some excellent staff wellness activities to improve the organizational culture of their workplace. Failure to improve staff wellness could reduce employee productivity and diminish the company’s reputation and profitability. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employed American spends 8 to 9 hours per day […]
7 Ways a Virtual Wellness Program Makes Employees Healthy - What exactly is a virtual wellness program and how is it different from traditional types? Virtual wellness programs are not new. In fact, they have been in existence ever since the internet became popular. But with recent advances in smartphone technology and mobile apps, more and more companies have started to embrace these programs in […]
7 Simple Strategies to Integrate Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace - Workforce Wellness Workspaces designed with confined cubicles set in beige boundaries, micro-managed multi-store markets, and erratic employers demanding performance perfection are losing their power. As office doors are opening and welcoming their staff back in, many companies are prioritizing health and wellness programs in the workplace over other areas. Still, where do they start? In […]
13 Office Wellness Ideas to Improve Employee Productivity in 2022 - Are you an office manager in dire need of office wellness ideas to improve employee productivity? If so, it is perfectly understandable because traditional offices are dull work environments for employees. Modern improvements are necessary to overcome this problem. A typical office consists of cubicles, desks, computers, printers, copy machines, filing cabinets, and walls all […]
Internships - WellSteps Worksite Wellness Internship WellSteps, LLC offers worksite wellness solutions focused on helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, and helping companies change their culture of health. WellSteps employs a high service approach combined with the latest in web engineering and behavior change research to help accomplish our mission. Started in 2006, WellSteps has become one of the […]
What is an Employee Wellness Program: Everything You Need for 2022 - A well organized employee wellness program can produce important outcomes such as improved employee health behaviors, lower health risks, and reduce health care costs. They are also effective at improving employee morale and productivity. As any good business owner knows, a healthy and happy employee is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy, thriving business. […]
5 Ways Wellness Programs for Banks and Credit Unions Yield Prosperous Returns - Wellness Programs for Banks and Credit Unions Often times when you hear about wellness programs for banks and credit unions, they are focused on financial wellness. As these institutions are in the business of money so that immediate assumption is perfectly justified. And while financial wellness is important, what about the health and wellness of […]
wellness remote workers 6 Strategies for Successful Wellness with Remote Workers 2022 UPDATED - More employees than ever are now working remotely, but there is nothing new about working outside of on office or without other employees. Truckers, long-haulers, traveling nurses, river barge captains, and even many airline employees have always been remote workers. Traveling sales people, cab drivers, and even package delivery workers work away from an office […]
Questions to ask while evaluating a wellness program 5 Questions to Ask Before You Evaluate a Wellness Program in 2022 - Great Wellness Programs use evaluation to constantly improve. Here are the 5 questions to consider before you evaluate a Wellness Program.
5 Wellness Program Ideas for Blue-Collar Workers 2022 - Wellness programs are designed to help both white-collar and blue-collar workers improve health. Blue-collar workers have many barriers to health not shared by white-collar workers so only the best wellness program ideas for blue-collar workers will get results. The term “blue-collar worker,” is a general term to describe employment positions that require physical activity. These […]
Mindfulness in the workplace 10 Tips to Implement Mindfulness in the Workplace 2022 Update - 1. What is mindfulness in the workplace? Mindfulness is defined as simply being purposeful and present in your head and workspace. It can be described as an inward and outward awareness of yourself, others and your surroundings. Mindfulness is about being intentional. When you practice mindfulness at home or mindfulness in the workplace, you’ll be a better […]
Workplace Health Promotion Programs How to Choose the Best Workplace Health Promotion Programs - WellSteps would love to be your workplace health and wellness vendor, but if not, we want to make sure you still choose a good one. When you pick a good corporate wellness vendor, your employees will love it and your leadership will get positive wellness outcomes. The Importance of Health Promotion Programs More often than […]
14 Reasons Many Corporate Health and Wellness Programs Fail 2022 Update - Corporate health and wellness programs are more popular than ever. Corporate health and wellness programs, sometimes called employee wellness programs, are designed to support and improve the holistic wellbeing of employees through a healthy work culture. These programs often offer medical screenings, incentives, behavior change interventions, fitness programs, social support, or competitions. We say they fail […]
How to Design Wellness Programs That Are Successful 2022 Updated - Successful employee wellness programs are good for business. Here is everything you need to design wellness programs that are successful.
Why Offer a Worksite Wellness Program? 2022 UPDATED - How One Broker Got Lower Insurance Rates Playing the Wellness Card This is a story about a real brokerage firm that made the decision to embrace wellness. It started with the question, “Why offer a wellness program?” and what happened as a result. If you are a broker and you already know everything there is to know […]
9 Reasons School Wellness Programs Are a Smart School Strategy 2022 - Here’s a quick peek at the reasons why school wellness programs are a smart school strategy. There are 3.7 million people who work in schools. Schools are the single largest employer in the United States. Even the federal government only has 2.7 million employed individuals. In many ways schools are just like any other workplace; […]
What Happens After 2 Years of Employee Health and Wellness Programs? - To have any effect on the bottom line, employee health and wellness programs need to be able to improve employee health behaviors. Without improvements in nutrition, physical activity, controlling stress, and other health behaviors, most of the chronic diseases employees experience will not be prevented and your wellness program results will suffer. Purpose of Employee […]
outcomes based wellness Outcomes-based Wellness Programs: An Example from the Real World in 2022 - Outcomes-based wellness programs are effective. Do them wrong and you can destroy employee morale. Here is all you need to do them right.
How Effective Workplace Health Programs Reduce Health Care Costs 2022 - The health and chronic disease prevention centers of America are now America’s worksites. There’s not a single group in America that does more to promote health and improve the health behaviors of our population than worksites. This presents a challenge for workplaces to implement effective and cost efficient health programs. Our current medical system is […]
17 Employee Wellness Program Ideas to Increase Engagement 2022 - Want to know how to transform your wellness program into an engagement machine? Here’s a few employee health and wellness program ideas and tips that may take your program to the next level. Do you know why only 11% of Californians smoke while over 26% of the adults in Kentucky smoke? California has less than […]
health coaching session Top 8 Corporate Health Coach Companies for 2022 - Health coach companies work with wellness programs. Of all the activities that happen within a wellness program, health coaching is the most expensive. Any time employees spend considerable time one-on-one with a health professional there will be a cost. Since it is the most expensive, health coaching should be used where it will have the most […]
health Contingent Wellness How to Develop a Health-Contingent Wellness Program: Updated 2022 - What is a Health-Contingent Wellness Program? Health-contingent wellness programs is a wellness incentive program based on health risks. A health-contingent wellness program is one in which employees must A) meet a health standard or B) meet a reasonable alternative standard in order to earn an incentive or avoid a penalty. In most cases, a health […]
How to Start a Health Contingent Wellness Program - To be effective, when you start health contingent wellness programs, you should do two things well. First, the program should help improve the health of all employees, especially those with elevated health risks. Second, the program should help the healthy employees stay healthy. When these two things happen, there will be a reduction in the […]
How to Replicate the Nation’s Best Wellness Program- Updated 2022 - Each year the nation’s best wellness program is identified by the C. Everett Koop Health Project. These outstanding wellness programs are recognized by the Koop Award. The Koop Award for the nations best wellness program has been awarded to Boise School District and their wellness partner WellSteps. Here is the blue print that shows exactly […]
10 Things Your Workplace Health and Wellness Software Should Do - Wellness programs are effective when built around good health and wellness software. Here are the 10 things good wellness software should do.
50 Employee Wellness Program Examples for Any Budget in 2022 - Here are the best employee wellness program examples available anywhere. Use them to start a wellness program or make an existing one better.
Common Mistakes Corporate Health Programs Make With Wearable Devices in 2022 - Wearable devices have the potential to undo much of the good created by corporate health programs over the past few decades. It is a highly concerning trend. Every day our WellSteps sales experts are asked how employers can use wearable devices to track employee behavior. Sure activity tracking can be fun, but the undertones of […]
3 Best Tips to Help You Get the Best Wellness Jobs Updated 2022 - So you want a wellness job as a corporate wellness coordinator.  How do you find such a wellness job? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody would just publish directions to make it easier for you to get a corporate wellness job? That is exactly why this blog was written. Unique qualifications come from someone who […]
An Online Health and Wellness Newsletter You Can Actually Use in 2022 - An Online Health and Wellness Newsletter Can Help Employees Take the First Step Toward Better Health Helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is at the core of every wellness program. To have healthy behaviors employees must first start with education and awareness. A good online health and wellness newsletter can give employees the start […]
10 Best Features of Wellness Platforms in 2022 - What are Digital Wellness Platforms? Today’s digital wellness platforms are far more engaging and robust than the original platforms. Historically corporate wellness programs have been nothing more than a website with an administrative side and an employee side that provided basic health information and a basic tracking tool. They were more of a basic wellness […]
16 Workplace Health and Well-being Ideas, Activities, and Initiatives for Any Budget 2022 - So, you need workplace health or well-being ideas. Here is a list of the best workplace health or well-being ideas, activities and initiatives you can start today. Use the out of the box wellness ideas to start or enhance you current wellness programs. 1. Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options within a […]
small business wellness Why Small Business Wellness is the Future Updated 2022 - In 2011, the first research paper that demonstrated how small business wellness can impact the health of employees was published. The wellness program offered at Lincoln Industries was evaluated for three years. During that time, employees were able to significantly reduce systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and improve flexibility. Despite having just 440 workers, nearly all Lincoln Industries […]
9 Reasons Hospital Wellness Programs Are a Smart Business Strategy 2022 - Hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers are just like any other businesses – they need to manage large numbers of employees and control expenses, while delivering needed services. While some health care providers are worksites struggling to stay competitive, the most successful ones offer health and wellness programs to their employees.   Most healthcare […]
18 Wellness Program Incentive Ideas From the Best Corporate Wellness Programs in 2022 - This article provides is a list of 18 employee well-being program incentive ideas from the nation's best corporate wellness programs.
How To Make Small Business Wellness Programs Work In 2022 - Small business wellness programs have barriers and advantages. Here is everything you need to make small business wellness work.
4 Ways the Best Employee Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health - Here are the four steps that the best employee wellness programs take to improve employee health. Be sure to put these on your list.
How to Design an Employee Wellness Plan That Works 2022 - When you design an employee wellness plan, there are two basic options: use an outside vendor or develop your program internally. Regardless of the option you choose, there are several steps you need to take to have a successful program. How to Design an Employee Wellness Plan That Works How do I create an employee […]
wellness health screening Top 10 Biometric Screening Companies for 2022 - How Do You Choose the Right Biometric Screening Company? WellSteps does comprehensive wellness programming but we do not conduct biometric screenings. For the several years we have helped our clients find and work with companies that do conduct screenings. This trial-and-error approach to finding the best biometric screening companies has shown us what to look […]
Top 10 Features Every Wellness Portal Should Have - Wellness programs can use web-based tools to help organize and administer a wellness program. These web-based computer systems are called wellness portals. Published studies show that the most effective wellness programs are focused on helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Following this logic it is easy to see that a good employee wellness program should […]
How to Build a Workplace Wellness Challenge in 2022 - It’s that time of year again when we all make resolutions and strive to become healthier versions of ourselves. The goal of every effective workplace wellness program is to help employees achieve these goals. This is typically accomplished through a variety of workplace wellness challenges or wellness campaigns. What is a Workplace Wellness Challenge? A […]
Do Wellness Programs Work? 2022 update - Do Wellness Programs Work? There are hundreds of published research studies that prove wellness programs: Help employees eat healthy and be active Reduce elevated employee health risks Reduce the need for medical care Improve employee morale Increase employee productivity Improve employee recruitment and retention The degree of success depends on how well the wellness program […]
48 Wellness Solutions: The Complete List of Workplace Wellness Programs - Here is the complete list of workplace wellness solutions. They offer everything from wellness portals to comprehensive solutions.
Why the Wellness Critics are Really Just Bullies - “Yes, every single wellness outcome which has been made public is made up.” “90% of wellness programs being sold to companies are “counterproductive at worse and worthless at best.” The Wellness Critics The Wellness Critics Are Bullies These two actual quotes from a wellness critic are so outlandish that they don’t even deserve a response […]
Wellness and renewables 7 Reasons Every Worksite Should Offer An Environmental Wellness Program - Let’s be honest: not all your employees may care about environmental wellness. For various reasons, some don’t give much thought to taking care of the planet now or thinking about those who will come after us.  There is good news for these employees because protecting the planet also saves money and everyone loves saving money! […]
Do Wellness Programs Save Money? - To answer the question, "Do wellness programs save money?" we research. Only well run programs produce a positive return on investment.
15 (No Cost) Employee Wellness Strategies and Health Promotion Ideas - What are Employee Wellness Strategies? Wellness strategies are events, programs, and activities worksites use to improve employee health and productivity. These include health screening, health coaching, health presentations, community wellness events, health changes to the environment, virtual wellness challenges, groups events and more. How do These Strategies Improve Health? Do you know why only 11% […]
This Is the Impact of Employee Wellness Programs on Health Care Costs - One of the main reasons employee wellness programs exist is to help control healthcare costs. Today there is more scientific evidence than ever to support the ability of corporate wellness programs to improve employee health, reduce elevated health risks, and reduce healthcare costs. These epidemiology studies use population databases to look at the relationships between […]
5 Workplace Wellness Statistics Every Employer Should Know 2022 Updated - Published Workplace Wellness Statistics Show the Benefits of Wellness Think of the different benefits employers typically offer. These could include a retirement or pension plan, healthcare, paid time off, or maternity leave. These are designed to help your organization recruit and maintain qualified employees. Yet there are no studies or workplace wellness statistics that show […]
health and wellness programs for employees 20 Health and Wellness Programs with a Different Purpose - Most health and wellness programs offer a comprehensive suite of wellness options and activities. But there are a few wellness companies that don’t offer all these services. They may offer just corporate nutrition programs, campaigns, portals, incentives, massages, stress management, or just offer wellness management services. You can find a massive blog called 57 Wellness […]
7 Important Reasons to Offer Employee Well-being at Work - You clicked because you want the 7 most important reasons to have an employee well-being at work program. First, you should know that there is a high degree of skepticism of many claims being made in the well-being industry. So to get the truth, we have to go to information backed by decades of solid […]
Brokers do wellness 4 Ways Insurance Brokers Offer Wellness Programs to Employers in 2022 - In addition to providing guidance on health insurance products, insurance brokers offer wellness advise and programming to their employer groups. Brokers are now being asked for advice on how to start wellness programs in the workplace. Whether they accept this role or not, brokers have been thrust into the added role of wellness consultant. Health […]
7 Reasons Workplace Health Promotion Programs Work (Here’s the Proof) 2022 - Mountains of Evidence Show the Benefits of Workplace Health Promotion Programs Think of the different benefits employers typically offer. These could include a retirement or pension plan, healthcare, paid time off, or maternity leave. These are designed to help your organization recruit and maintain qualified employees. Yet there is not a single published study that […]
10 Ways a Worksite Wellness App Can Make Wellness Easy - What is a Worksite Wellness App? There are many great stand alone apps for fitness, nutrition, trails, and pretty much anything.  Most of them are focused one aspect of health, like nutrition or exercise which makes them a great worksite wellness app for you and your employees.  Here is great list of some of the […]
The 20 Most Popular Workplace Well-being Programs for 2022 -     Here is the list of the nation’s top companies that provide workplace well-being programs and why they are the best. Throughout the past year, WellSteps has been involved in the well-being vendor selection process in worksites in every state.  We’ve kept track of the corporate well-being companies that provide comprehensive well-being solutions. There […]
effective wellness programs How Effective Wellness Programs do Wellness Incentive Management in 2022 - Every effective wellness program should be using incentives. They are an important part in helping employees stay motivated to make long-term behavior change. But sometimes wellness incentive programs become THE wellness program. The wellness program management, or the tracking, awarding, and processing of the incentives, consumes the wellness budget and personnel time. What are wellness […]
Why Lower Health Care Costs is One of the Benefits of Wellness in 2022 - The health and chronic disease prevention centers of America are now America’s worksites. There’s not a single group in America that does more to lower health care costs, promote health improve the health behaviors of our population than worksites. Our current medical system is a disease treatment system.  It was created to treat, not prevent, […]
Wellness Program Incentives: The Complete Guide 2022 - Wellness program incentives help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for the rest of their lives. Chronic diseases, elevated health risks, and many employee-related expenses are driven by unhealthy behaviors. Ask yourself these questions: Why do I exercise regularly?   Why do I eat a healthy diet? Why do I strive to have a healthy […]
How a Worksite Wellness Committee Helps Programs in 2022 - What is an Employee Wellness Committee? An employee wellness committee is a small group of employees who lead and participate in an employee wellness program. These committees provide leadership and oversight to help make the wellness programs effective. A worksite wellness committee can have a big impact on the success or failure of any employee […]
White Label Wellness Programs (Private Label Wellness): Pros and Cons 2022 - To offer an effective white label wellness program companies need to provide 3 things: Personnel that are qualified to plan and administer the program, Effective behavior change interventions or activities A web-based data platform to administer, communicate, and evaluate the program There are many pros and cons of a White Label Wellness Program. Only the […]
How Do Wellness Programs Increase Productivity in the Workplace? 2022 - Poor employee productivity can be defined as physically being at work but not working. This type of poor productivity is called presenteeism. It is estimated that the cost associated with presenteeism due to poor employee health is at least 2 to 3 times greater than direct health care expenses. Thankfully, wellness programs can help increase employee […]
Healthy Employees 2022: The Best Employee Wellness Program Ideas and Strategies - Dear Reader, Employee wellness programs can transform lives and create healthy employees. Done correctly, wellness programs can prevent disease and improve quality of life for millions of workers. Years of wellness research and real world experience have been applied to these blogs about the best wellness strategies and practices. Over the years, you have had access […]
How to do Biometric Screening in 2022: The Complete Guide - How to do Biometric Screening in Worksite Wellbeing Programs To better understand the importance of biometric screenings, I’ll tell you a short story. A while back my neighbor asked, “Will you look at my car? It is spewing white smoke.” He wanted to know what the problem was. You don’t have to be a mechanic to […]
Top 17 Corporate Wellness Programs and Companies for 2022 - Throughout the past year WellSteps has been involved in the wellness vendor selection process in work sites in every state. We’ve kept track of the companies that provide comprehensive wellness solutions. There are more wellness providers in this space than ever, but this list has the special ones. This list is of corporate wellness programs […]
Do Corporate Wellness Programs Work? Updated 2022 - Do Corporate Wellness Programs Work? There are hundreds of published research studies that prove corporate wellness programs can: Help employees eat healthy and be active Reduce elevated employee health risks Reduce the need for medical care Improve employee morale Increase employee productivity Improve employee recruitment and retention One of the main reasons corporate wellbeing programs […]
How to Get Maximum Wellness Program Participation - What is a good participation rate for wellness programs? The best wellness programs in the U.S. have program participation levels above 75%. This level of participation is typical of well run programs. Most programs average less than 50%. This article will share the strategies you need to get participation well above 75%. Without wellness program […]
Begin a Wellness Program: Questions Brokers Need to Know Before Hand - Here are answers to the questions that every broker or consultant should know before they help a customer begin a wellness program.  
Unique Wellness Campaign Ideas For Building Effective Employee Wellness Campaigns - Employee wellness campaigns are the most important part of any wellness program. Get wellness campaign ideas and learn how they work.
employee wellness consultant 5 Ways a Corporate Wellness Consultant Helps Programs- Updated 2022 - What is a Corporate Wellness Consultant? The job of a corporate wellness consultant is to guide companies through the process of building and evaluating an effective, fun, employee wellness program. Why Use a Corporate Wellness Consultant? Wellness programs have an extremely difficult task of reducing employee-related expenses and improving productivity by improving employee health. Behavior change […]
24 Ways Employers Can Manage Stress at Work (Use Them Today) 2022 - Most of the stress we experience comes from our jobs and worksites. Stressed workers are more likely to smoke, drink, be inactive, eat poorly, have relationship issues, and get sick more often. All of this means decreased productivity. Thankfully, employers can help to manage stress at work. Job stress costs billions of dollars every year […]
outcomes based wellness incentive programs The Best Way to Conduct Biometric Testing and Wellness Screening 2022 - A quick story about biometric testing and wellness screening: My neighbor asked me to look at his car that was spewing white smoke. He asked, “Do you know what the problem is?” You don’t have to be a mechanic to know that white smoke coming out of a car is a really bad thing. It is […]
The 7 Best Reasons to Have a Wellness Program: Benefits of Wellness 2022 - You just want the 7 reasons to have a wellness program right? First, you should know that there is a high degree of skepticism of many of the claims being made in the wellness industry. That’s why the information below is backed by decades of solid research. Don’t worry, this is not a graduate school […]
Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC): What Your Wellness Program Needs in 2022 - What is Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)? Therapeutic Lifestyle Change is a set of tools, diet information, ideas, and programming designed to help individuals lower elevated health risks. TLC programs, as part of an overall wellness program, help individuals reduce the risk for heart disease through eating a health promoting diet and being active. A TLC […]
How Much Does An Employee Wellness Program Cost? Updated 2022 - What Does It Cost to Have a Wellness Program? To get a positive return on investment, worksites must implement wellness programs that are comprehensive. A comprehensive wellness program is going to include a health risk appraisal, incentives, culture change, and behavior change campaigns and challenges. It can also include biometric screening and individualized health coaching. […]
50 Office Challenge Ideas Including Office Fitness Challenges for 2022 - Before we talk about office challenge ideas and office fitness challenges, it’s important to ask: What are worksite wellness challenges?  Office wellness challenges are short-term behavior change contests, interventions, and team activities designed to improve health and employee morale. They can include: team or individual participants use of fitness trackers like apps or a Fitbit […]
What is Wellness? With No Wellness Program Definition It’s Everything - Did you notice that there’s no real definition of wellness? It’s being used to define every health and wellness meaning under the sun – which makes it difficult for some to navigate the world of work wellness. Let’s put an end to the madness and discuss what wellness really means. Why Do We Need a […]
Wellness VOI Wellness ROI vs VOI: The Best Employee Well-being Programs Use Both - These days there is a lot of talk about the wellness ROI (return on investment) vs VOI (value on investment) of employee well-being programs. Some have suggested that wellness ROI is no longer important and that all wellness outcomes should be measured in terms of value (or wellness VOI). This article will review why that […]
Proof Wellness Programs in the Workplace Make You Money - Recent research findings now give us three huge studies that prove wellness programs in the workplace are a wise investment.
How to Get Leadership Support for Employee Wellness 2022 Update - The wellness programs that have the best return on investment tend to exist in organizations with strong leadership support for employee wellness. What senior leaders do at our places of work is an important factor in our behavior. Here are some case studies and research findings that demonstrate this: Case Study Number One: A few […]
22 Best Wellness Certifications, Personal Training, and Health Coach Certifications 2022 - There is a lot of misinformation regarding the need for corporate wellness certifications. For the most part, the worksite wellness industry is not regulated even though there are a few federal and state laws to guide how programs are conducted. Wellness certifications are an attempt to self-regulate the industry so that employees get access to […]
Wellness ideas from WellSteps 18 Corporate Wellness Ideas and Wellness Activities for 2022 - Wellness activities and corporate wellness initiatives can make your program better—if you are strategic about how you do them. Each must be communicated effectively, tracked, and incentivized. This blog post will discuss some of the more popular wellness activities that are easy to implement at your workplace. Wellness ideas by themselves are just perks. Wellness […]
Functioning Wellness Committee Resell Wellness? Being a Wellness Reseller Might Make Sense - In order to resell wellness effectively companies need to provide 3 things: staff that is qualified to plan and administer the program effective behavior change interventions and activities a web-based data platform on which to administer, communicate, and evaluate the program. Few companies do all three: they have trained health promotion or wellness professionals on staff, […]
How to Get Maximum Wellness Program Engagement: The Complete Guide 2022 - How Do You Increase Engagement for Wellness Programs? A wellness coordinator from a large bicycle manufacturing company was struggling to increase true wellness program engagement and get their wellness program to produce the kind of outcomes that the CEO wanted to see. They had excellent program participation and yet they were not seeing improvements in […]
health and wellness programs feature The One Corporate Health and Wellness Idea Everyone Likes… and It’s Free - The FREE Stop and Go Fast Food Guide Corporate health and wellness ideas and programs are effective if they can help employees eat healthier, be more physically active, and not smoke. Eating healthier is tough! With so much fast food surrounding us it is next to impossible for most people to eat a healthy diet. If […]
10 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Wellness Program in 2022 - The decision to start an employee health and wellness program requires a substantial commitment of both time and resources. Programs that are started for the right reasons can transform the worksite culture and the very lives of employees and their families. There are a few factors that can predict which programs will thrive and which […]
Wearables and Wellness Programs: The Complete Guide 2022 Update - Wearables and wellness programs are here to stay. More and more companies are utilizing wearable fitness trackers as part of their wellness programs. Health wearables are small electronic devices that measure body movement, electrical activity, and a host of other human parameters. Right now, some employers have the ability to look at not just the […]
How the Best Worksite Wellness Programs Change Behavior Updated 2022 - Behavior change is the key to having a successful wellness program. The best worksite wellness programs keep the focus on the need to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Behavior change is the key to reducing health risks, reducing the prevalence of chronic disease, and reducing employee related expenses. It is impossible to have […]
Why Health and Wellness in the Workplace is Important 2022 - Elevated healthcare costs are the biggest single risk most employers face. This requires employers to implement many different cost containment strategies such as offering high deductible health care plans, changing insurance carriers, reducing benefits, cost shifting, ceasing to offer a health plan, and offering worksite wellness programs. 3 Charts That Make the Case for Workplace […]
Wearables and Well-being Programs: The Complete Guide for 2022 - Wearables and well-being programs are here to stay. More and more companies are utilizing wearable fitness trackers as part of their health and well-being efforts. Right now, some employers have the ability to look at not just the physical activity patterns of individual employees who are using wearable devices in the workplace, but they can […]
corporate fitness companies 13 Corporate Fitness Programs That Lead the Pack 2022 Updated - Corporate fitness programs are a critical piece of every effective wellness program. There are a variety of companies that provide employee fitness programs. Over a several month period we challenged our team at WellSteps to find every company that works in the corporate fitness space. Here is a list of the 13 companies we have […]
Worksite Wellness image Employee Wellness Programs: How They Save Money - How Corporate Employee Wellness Programs Save Money | New research show how employee wellness programs save money.