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The 18 Most Popular Workplace Well-being Programs for 2024

workplace well-being programs

Here is the list of the nation’s top companies that provide workplace well-being programs and why they are the best. Throughout the past year, WellSteps has been involved in the well-being vendor selection process in worksites in every state.  We’ve kept track of the corporate well-being companies that provide comprehensive well-being solutions.

There are more corporate well-being companies than ever, but this list has the special ones. This list is of corporate well-being programs that have consistently been finalists in some competitive vendor searches.

To make this list of corporate well-being companies, each company had to be a finalist on one or more corporate well-being contracts. They have survived a rigorous and thorough vetting process and demonstrated comprehensive well-being solutions that can engage and motivate employees.

Unlike biometric screening or coaching companies, these vendors offer more than one-off programs.  Most of them offer comprehensive well-being platforms. Most of them offer web platforms and mobile apps to help deliver and administer their programs.

This list is by no means a comprehensive list of all known corporate well-being companies, but it does represent 18 of the best. With this list you can now use the guidelines found here to help you choose the best well-being vendor.

In alphabetical order:

 1. Alyfe Wellness Strategies

A Midwest-based, family-owned business that believes in hard work and high standards.  Alyfe supports employers, health plans, brokers, municipalities, schools and others who are responsible for improving the well being of a specific population. Whether you are a small, single-site organization or a large employer with a dispersed workforce, they can create programming that’s just the right size and shape for you.  They have 20 years of experience to bring to the table and can get you results that will impact your organization’s bottom line and the well-being of your entire workforce.   Click here to contact Alyfe for a free consultation.

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BSDI is an award-winning leader in workplace well-being program technology located in Califon, NJ.  With a focus on advanced web technologies and sophisticated data analysis, BSDI has proven attractive to progressive corporate, government, hospitals/health systems, brokers, well-being consultants, fitness professionals, commercial health and well-being facilities.  They take pride in 25 years of experience producing feature rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health. Click here to request a demo.

 3. Ceridian Lifeworks

LifeWorks is delivered to you by Ceridian, the world’s leading provider of workplace effectiveness services. For over 25 years, Ceridian has been helping thousands of companies create more productive, enjoyable workplaces through a wide range of assistance and training programs for employees and management.  Their solution covers all aspects of employee assistance, well-being, recognition, social communications, rewards, perks and analytics.  Click here for more information.

4. CHC Wellness

Based in Chicago, CHC engages high-performance companies in a partnership to understand the health-and-work behavior equation.  CHC Wellness provides workplace well-being programs to manage controllable health risks, therefore reducing health care cost, improving employer productivity and decreasing the demand for health care services.  Their solutions are driven by the analytics of population risks and behaviors.  To learn more about their proprietary solutions to common health risk factors in a workforce click here.

5. CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform

An all-in-one corporate well-being platform trusted by well-being providers for 2+ million employees worldwide. CoreHealth brings all corporate well-being programs into one place. Health assessments, biometric management, education, challenges, self-help programs, coach facilitation, incentives, surveys, social networking — and more.  CoreHealth powers well-being programs for corporate well-being companies, insurers and their well-being divisions, health coaching companies, employee assistance providers, group benefits brokers and human resources consulting firms. Visit the CoreHealth website.

6. Corporate Health Partners

This unique well-being company focuses on three main components: assessment, culture building, and getting results.  CHP does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  Participation is guided, progress is tracked, and ROI is measured—for both the health of the employee and your company.  They go beyond the virtual programs favored by other well-being providers, offering committed personal coaching at your worksite.  To learn more click here.

7. Extracon Science LLC

Extracon is a leader in smartphone-enabled wellness. They offer complete, turnkey well-being programs as well as customized online portals and challenges.  An intelligent well-being program works with your employee’s doctor and the smartphone in the employee’s pocket to deliver better prevention and real lifestyle change. Their programs are powered by a platform and apps, designed for results and easy administration, including live analytics with real-time data.  Click here to visit their website.

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8. Limeade

Inspires change by addressing health, well-being, and performance all in one platform. Drive organizational change by addressing core business goals and individual employee needs.  They tailor their workplace well-being programs to reflect your worksite’s strategy with targeted rewards, communications and challenges. This gives you one place for all of your health, engagement, and culture-building initiatives.  How it works: let employees set their vision, foster awareness, inspire action, and see results.  Read more here.

9. Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

No other well-being center or program can compare to the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. With clinical research from Mayo Clinic experts, this comprehensive well-being program enhances mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  They offer ongoing research, personalized experience, expert guidance, and certified well-being coaches.  The Healthy Living Program is located in the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center on the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota. This beautiful seven-story facility is dedicated to making a healthier world—starting with you. It was designed to offer you a unique combination of luxury and wellness.  To learn more about what they have to offer click here.

10. Sonic Boom Wellness

With the widest variety of energetic activities, Sonic Boom is the first and only well-being engagement company committed to improving members’ daily health habits. Boasting the most high-tech (and proprietary!) activity-tracking software on the planet, the program is fun and socially contagious—driving massive, sustained participation among even the most hard-to-reach employee populations. Disrupting the “traditional” concept of well-being since 2007, they’re the innovative market leader in challenge variety, customization, incentive-management flexibility, and Total Client Happiness™—all in support of the mission to drive small yet meaningful health-habit improvements for life.  See more on SonicBoom here.

11. StayWell

StayWell is a health engagement company that helps clients engage and educate people to improve health and business results. They bring decades of experience working across the health care industry to design solutions that address the clients’ evolving needs.  They fuse expertise in health engagement and the science of behavior change with an integrated portfolio of solutions and robust content assets. The customizable programs are proven to effectively engage people to make positive health care decisions—across even the most challenging populations.  They offer you diminished health costs, accelerated group participation, increased patient acquisition, better health outcomes and unprecedented program satisfaction.  Get to know Staywell by clicking here.

12. TotalWellness Health

No matter how large your organization might be, TotalWellness can offer customized health and well-being services that help you deliver better programs to your employees.  Services include biometric screenings, flu shots, and well-being services.  Using TotalWellness you’ll see a decrease in employee absenteeism and increases in productivity, safety, and focus. Plus, they’ll become better moms and dads, improved contributors to their communities, and help drive enhanced outcomes for your bottom line. Read more here.

13. Catalyst Coaching 360

Services tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you have
thousands of employees or just a handful, they have the solutions you
need to be successful.  Catalyst Coaching 360 is one of only 9 select firms to earn full accreditation through URAC as a Comprehensive Well-being Provider.  This provides you with a higher level of confidence that your personal recommendation will stand tall.  Learn more about Catalyst Coaching 360.

14. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse’s market-leading technology solutions empower clients to achieve game-changing business outcomes like reduce healthcare costs, increase workforce productivity, build a great company culture, and integrate and optimize benefits and HR investments.  Virgin Pulse workplace well-being programs build loyalty and engagement through employee-centered well-being platforms and tools that start with healthy behavior changes and expand to total quality of life.  Everybody benefits, including employees’ family and friends because Virgin Pulse lets members invite up to three family members and friends—for free! Explore their website for more information.

15. Vitality

Better health, lower costs? That’s what Vitality delivers.
Does your company want healthier, happier employees and a better company health plan bottom line? The Vitality well-being program is built to continuously inspire, motivate, and reward employees to live their healthiest life. Vitality members come to know about their current health status, then get going with activities that improve health and lifestyle behaviors and unlock a series of positive rewards. Learn more about the Vitality approach to positive, measurable and lasting change here.

16. Labcorp

Labcorp is a state-of-the-art provider of biometric screening service. They create customized, high-touch annual programming that emphasizes health education and promotes lasting behavior change.  These also include health coaching, vaccinations, a robust online platform, and much more.  Check out Labcorp here.

17. WellRight

WellRight offers workplace well-being programs that power custom tailored, positive habit-forming employee well-being programs.  WellRight offers all the essentials: health risk assessment, group challenges, personal challenges, custom activities, biometrics, health coaching, university, rewards engine, and reporting.  How each of these are incorporated into your well-being program is entirely your choice, although their team will coach you on best practices towards a successful outcome for your organization.  Explore more about WellRight.

18. WellSteps

WellSteps corporate well-being solutions are guaranteed to reduce employee health care costs and improve employee health.  As the winner of the 2016 Koop Award, the WellSteps well-being platforms have been identified as the nation’s most effective corporate well-being program. With so many well-being vendors to choose, from why not demo the one that has been identified as the nations’ best.  Schedule a WellSteps demo right now.

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