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In order to resell wellness effectively companies need to provide 3 things:

  • staff that is qualified to plan and administer the program
  • effective behavior change interventions and activities
  • a web-based data platform on which to administer, communicate, and evaluate the program.

Few companies do all three: they have trained health promotion or wellness professionals on staff, they create and disseminate scientifically backed wellness programs and activities and they hire engineers to write all of the computer code to develop a data management platform that works on both computers and mobile devices.

Only the largest corporations have the personnel and financial resources to successfully do all three. Even though effective wellness programs leverage technology, they are still labor intensive. These programs have to measure, track, and improve both health behaviors and health risks.  They have to track program participation and monitor progress towards incentives.

Today, this is difficult to do without a robust wellness platform. And these wellness platforms must be able to perform a wide variety of tasks. See The Top 10 Features of the Best Wellness Platforms. 

Most worksites do just one or two of these requirements, or none at all. They are more likely to hire a wellness vendor to help them have an effective wellness program and that’s why being a wellness reseller is so attractive.

What does it mean to resell wellness?  What is a wellness reseller?

As a wellness reseller you provide the wellness staff, but you leave the behavior change programming and many of the wellness activities and platform creation to others.  As a wellness reseller you can take an existing wellness program, such as the WellSteps Wellness Solution, and make it your own.

You’ll get the WellSteps Wellness Solution but it will be labeled as if it were your very own wellness program. This is called white labeling. Your logo will appear on everything your employees see including the mobile app.

WellSteps can train your wellness staff to use the Wellsteps platform. Once your employees are properly trained to manage the system, you can begin offering your new wellness program to anyone. It’s like having your own branded wellness program, but it’s powered by WellSteps.

As a reseller of your own wellness program, you’ll become the best organized and qualified consultant or broker in the market.

As a wellness reseller you will be able to create brand loyalty and you will become a trusted partner. When brokers, consultants, insurance carriers, co-ops, hospitals and others become wellness resellers they are able to offer an outstanding wellness program to all their employer groups and do so at an extremely low price.

Depending upon the number of employees, wellness resellers can offer the same wellness program as WellSteps for as little as $0.50 per employee per month. You can generate a robust revenue stream when you offer a branded wellness program to your own groups or you can pass the savings along to your employer groups.

For as little as $0.50 per employee per month resellers get access to:

  • Online Program Center with customizable tasks for every employee and spouse
  • Personal Health Assessment will provide real-time individual feedback
  • Rewards, a powerful and customizable activity and incentive tracking tool
  • My Tracker will create immediate engagement upon PHA completion and syncs with wearable devices
  • My Story allows your users to share success stories with one another
  • Screening Reminder helps participant remember and complete annual check-ups
  • Dozens of Behavior Change Campaigns and Two-Week Challenges
  • Team challenges

For as little as $0.50 per employee per month resellers get everything WellSteps has to offer- the exact same wellness program what was awarded the Koop Award as the best wellness program in America.

The whole idea of being a wellness reseller is centered on the question of who will be doing the daily work that is required to have an effective wellness program. As a wellness reseller you can leverage the power of the wellness platform, but you still have to do much of the work to run your wellness program.

Wellness Reseller, how to make money in health and wellness, top health and wellness businesses, health and wellness business trends, health and wellness niches

You have two options: you can purchase the WellSteps Wellness Solution for your employer groups and we’ll do all the heavy lifting, or you can become a WellSteps wellness reseller, get a lower price, use the WellSteps expertise and platform, but take over the responsibilities of administering the program.  Such an arrangement looks like this:

What you get from WellSteps

  • We will train your wellness staff how to use all aspects of the WellSteps platform
  • We will provide your staff with ongoing training and support
  • We will train your sales teams to sell your wellness program and provide sales materials
  • We will provide a branded version of the nations’s best wellness program
  • We will maintain data confidentiality and data security according to federal standards
  • We will maintain the computer programming and hardware required to deliver your wellness program
  • We will maintain, update, and improve all platform software including the WellSteps mobile app
  • We will develop and implement new wellness campaigns, challenges, and applications
  • We will teach your staff how to manage multiple accounts

What YOU will do

  • Get ongoing support and help from the nations leading wellness experts
  • Administer the Personal Health Assessment to gauge employee health
  • Plan and prepare for wellness committee and training meetings
  • Conduct a Kick-off Webinar for all employees and spouses
  • Approve program invitations to be delivered electronically to every employee prior to kick-off
  • Create marketing materials to be sent to onsite coordinators
  • Distribute campaign kits for each campaign
  • Send tailored emails and text messages to employees
  • Prepare incentive plans and track and distribute incentives
  • Track and report rewards activities
  • Run campaign and challenge participation reports
  • Generate aggregate reports
  • Generate an annual report of the entire wellness program

For some, the decision to resell wellness might not be the right choice

As a wellness program reseller, you gain complete control over your wellness offering. You’ll be able to provide employer groups with a customized wellness experience that can also serve as a new source of income. However, not everyone is cut out for the role of a wellness reseller. Even with its low cost, certain situations could lead to negative outcomes for those opting to resell wellness services.

If your workplace doesn’t have someone with both the time and the right skills to oversee a wellness program, simply knowing how to navigate a wellness platform won’t suffice to ensure positive health results. It’s common for workplaces to assign the wellness program to an existing HR employee or someone from another department.

This is often in addition to their current job responsibilities. Such strategies nearly always lead to failure. While having a wellness platform can significantly reduce the workload, successful business initiatives require adequate staffing.

The world of technology is ever-changing, and your wellness platform will be no exception. Even if your staff is trained to run an excellent program, they will need ongoing training and updates.

If you’re committed to being a wellness reseller, your wellness team should be keen on continuous training. Without the latest training, your wellness program might fall behind, leaving your employer groups dissatisfied with the outcomes.

If you already manage employer groups, you know these relationships need regular service and maintenance. Failure to properly manage your accounts could lead them to seek services elsewhere. The same applies to offering a wellness program.

Wellness Reseller, how to make money in health and wellness, top health and wellness businesses, health and wellness business trends, health and wellness niches

For your employer groups to benefit from a successful wellness program, there’s a limit to how many accounts any wellness team can effectively manage. Although a wellness platform significantly reduces the workload, it doesn’t eliminate the need for human management. Overloading a single wellness team member with too many accounts will lead to poor management and unhappy clients.

5 reasons why you should consider becoming a wellness reseller

1) As a reseller of WellSteps you have the advantage of offering your groups the most engaging and effective wellness programming available. In addition to this programming, you get the ongoing support and guidance from experienced wellness professionals who have been delivering wellness programs to companies all over the United States. There are always problems that pop up when administering a wellness program, and we will help you successfully resolve every one of them.

2) Offer your prospective employer groups your company branded wellness program and you will knock the socks off your competition. We’ll train you how to have the tough conversations, lead the wellness committee, engage senior leaders, and become a wellness expert.

3) Engage your current book of business in your outstanding wellness program and you will dramatically increase customer loyalty and solidify retention.

4) As a wellness reseller you can get the nation’s best wellness program for an extremely affordable price. Pass these savings along to your clients or adjust the pricing and use your branded wellness program to generate new revenues.

5) When employer groups ask how you’re going to help them control healthcare costs, improve employee productivity, or improve employee health you can offer them your own branded comprehensive worksite wellness program.

Learn more about becoming a WellSteps Reseller here!

About The Author

Dr. Steve Aldana

Dr. Aldana is the CEO of Wellsteps, a worksite wellness solution that leads the nation in wellness program deployment and engagement. Dr. Aldana authored over 75 scientific papers and 7 books on health risk management, healthy living, and health promotion programs. He has given over 350 keynote speeches across the U.S. on the ability of good nutrition and regular exercise to prevent, arrest, and reverse many chronic diseases.