Solutions - evidence-based programming for every level of program maturity

Turnkey Wellness Solution


Worksites with leadership support and a desire to bend the cost trend by making wellness a  business strategy will benefit most from this solution. The Turnkey solution includes industry-leading wellness programming with award-winning service provided by our WellSteps Guides.




WellSteps Advance is the perfect solution for companies with a wellness program but who want to take their program to the next level. This solution includes a leadership and a benefits design meeting, and many other best-practice strategies.




WellSteps Engage is the right solution for worksites new to wellness.  It includes Assessment, Culture Change, Marketing, Behavior Change Campaigns, and Program Evaluation.



Small Business Solution


This Solution includes Assessment, Culture Change, Marketing, Campaigns, Incentives & Evaluation. This solution is also tailorable! Case study. Marketing slick.



Behavior Change Campaigns


Our evidence-based campaigns have field-tested materials. Your employees will change behavior one step at a time. See what employees are saying. Just click on any campaign!




Integrated Health Coaching 

Our solutions engage entire populations but some people need extra help. We use data to engage the high risk and ready to change in an outcomes-oriented coaching process.



Rewards Activity Tracker


With Rewards, employees do monthly wellness activities. The activities earn them points which can be redeemed for a tailored reward. Rewards is basically a wellness savings account! 


rewards image

Personal Health Assessment


Employees get immediate feedback and access to a dynamic goal setting tool. The Employer gets real-time access to aggregate reports that are available 24/7.


WellSteps Guide


Screening Reminder

This tool prompts employees to get age, gender and risk-based screenings during an annual check-up. It works with our Personal Health Assessment and Rewards. Reporting included.