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Challenges are behavior change activites that have been gamified. This means they use things like leaderboards, animation, color, humor, and games to make it fun to be healthy. Our challenges help employees change behavior and have fun doing it. They are part of all our solutions or can be delivered a la carte.

Challenges include:

  • Marketing and communication materials
  • Online program center for every participant
  • The WellSteps App
  • Games and competitions
  • Team-based or individual activities
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Physical Activity Challenges

Daily 30

Daily 30

Watch your progress as you get 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Step it up

Step It Up 

Summit mountains with manual and synced activity steps.

1000 reps

1,000 Reps

Complete 1,000 reps in two weeks.

Quest to 10000


Get 10,000 steps each day and find the treasure. (Coming soon!)

Bring it on!

Bring it on!

A fitness challenge to end all fitness challenges!

Daily 30

More Coming Soon


Healthy Eating Challenges

Eat Your Vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables

Watch what happens when you eat at least 3 servings of vegetables every day.

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Go for H2O

Have fun getting adequate water each day.

beat the sweets

Beat the Sweets

Avoid high sugar foods for two weeks. (Coming soon!)

Fruit it up

Fruit It Up

Focus on fruit each day and beat the game. (Coming soon!)

breakfast boost

Breakfast Boost

Boost your day with 5 healthy breakfast habits. (Coming soon!)

Maintain Don't Gain

Maintain Don't Gain

Maintain or lose weight over the coming weeks.

Daily 30

More Coming Soon


Emotional Health and Other Challenges

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Sweet Dreams

Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep every day.

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Stress Down

Do a stress relieving activity 10 minutes a day. See your progress.

get organized

Get Organized

Spend time each day organizing your space and life. (Coming soon!)

financial wellness

Financial Wellness

Complete financial tasks each day to help your wealth grow. (Coming soon!)

mindfulness matters

Mindfulness Matters

Spend time being mindful each day. (Coming soon!)

Kindness counts

Kindness Counts

Practice being kind. See how being kind improves your life. (Coming soon!)

washing works

Washing Works

Prevent illness for you and others. Practice effective hand washing. (Coming soon!)

take care of you

Take Care of YOU

Spend a little time each day focusing on just you.



Set and accomplish a new goal each day. (Coming soon!)

3 a days


Complete three- 10 minute exercise breaks each day. (Coming soon!)

Daily 30

More Coming Soon