The WellStepS Guides

Our secret to success

Expert Consultants

What is the secret of our success? Our WellSteps Guides. Taking a hands-on approach to your company wellness program, our Guides provide expert insight and wellness consultation. 

Think of your WellSteps Guide as your wellness partner who does all the heavy lifting to make your program a success.

Every WellSteps guide has a wellness-related degree and experience creating successful programs for any industry, location, and across diverse populations.  

What our Guides Do

Below are some of the items a WellSteps Guide manages.

Overall Program Management

  • Track implementation progress using a Strategic Roadmap
  • Schedule Wellness Committee meetings
  • Lead the worksite culture audit and change process
  • Consult with your wellness committee to ensure achieved success

Build A Tailored Program Center

  • Your logo
  • Your CEO or wellness committee image
  • A custom “Welcome” message prepared for you (or you can write your own)
  • Custom color theme to match your branding

Prepare and Deliver Marketing

  • Print and deliver branded posters for all locations
  • Package and deliver behavior change materials
  • Create and implements a robust email, text and push notification communications plan
  • Manage incentive distribution process

Manage All Technological Requirements

  • Process and upload your employees into our system
  • Enable the Personal Health Assessment
  • Schedule behavior change campaigns and associated emails
  • Facilitate the creation of wellness activity list in Rewards and program selections for user view and use


  • Provide campaign outcome reports with employee comments
  • Prepare and deliver an aggregate Personal Health Assessment report
  • Provide an executive summary of program outcomes

Meet Our Guides

They’re here to propel your health and wellness journey. With their diverse expertise and unwavering dedication, our guides are your partners in achieving well-being excellence. Explore their insights, tips, and stories to get inspired for your wellness adventure.