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Remain Committed

We’re proud to have WellSteps as one of our partners in our wellness engagement strategy at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System. Using WellSteps’ Rewards tracking platform allows our program participants to remain committed to their health all year long.

Lesilie roberts

Leslie Roberts – Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Positive Effects

Being on the Wellness Committee at work has helped me to stay aware of my goals as well as just being a positive example to my department. I can see the positive effects of happiness and well being rolling up the hill and effecting more people everyday.

Shad Ruf – Utah County

Increased Participation

We use WellSteps as our Wellness Rewards Program. We have noticed an increase in participation in our wellness activities and an improvement in behavior change. The release of the app has also been crucial in further driving participation!

Courtney Carlson – IQ Solutions

Wellness Culture

WellSteps has been a great fit for our healthcare system employees. Our wellness program has improved the lives of many of our employees. We can see the culture of wellness becoming a part of Lake Charles Memorial Health System.

Lesilie roberts

Jessica Duhon – Lake Charles Memorial

Keeps You Motivated

I have really enjoyed WellSteps, most places put such emphasis on weight management and forget about the bigger picture, the person’s well-being. They have so many great campaigns that keep you motivated and engaged.

Vince King – Regional Health Physicians

What a Difference

As a company, we knew we needed to make some changes for the health of our employees. We chose WellSteps to help build our wellness program and I have seen what a difference it has made in the lives of our employees and their families!

Cheryl Halter – World Precision Instruments

Health Insurance Broker

Makes Brokers Heros

As a health insurance broker, I am responsible to help my clients improve their bottom line. I do just that with WellSteps. My clients have improved employee health and saved money. And I look like a hero.

Lesilie roberts

Karen Nassier – Health Incurance Broker

Health is Easy

Serving as one of our office WellSteps Coordinators within our firm has empowered me to be healthier. WellSteps helps us plan and execute wellness initiatives that everyone uses and enjoys. WellSteps makes it easier for us to change.

Joyce Quirk – Woodard & Curran

Positive Results

WellSteps has helped us create a meaningful wellness program. They provide us with materials, videos, and campaigns that are focused on individual lifestyle changes. We have seen positive results on our lipid profiles and the overall health of our employees.

Keli Royal

Keli Royal – Shenandoah Medical Center

Key to Health

WellSteps is the key to helping us create an active, healthy lifestyle for all our employees. The WellSteps campaigns help all of us make simple, healthy decisions in all aspects of life, not just at work.

Steve Mickelson – Utah County

Very Impressive

Providing wellness programming to a recreation may seem odd but the WellSteps staff has been very responsive to our needs. In short, they have provided an excellent structure to our wellness program.

Derek Smith – Derby Recreation Center

Truly Committed

Being on the wellness committee for Utah County has provided an awesome opportunity to work with employees from other departments who are truly committed to helping our co-workers and friends achieve a healthier quality of life.

Yvette Rice – Utah County