Device Privacy Policy

Device Privacy Policy


What Device Information Do We Collect?

We collect daily totals for steps, distance, calories, exercise minutes, and/or sleep depending on your selected device. In order to collect these daily totals we request the necessary read permissions during the process when you select a device to sync with. You may revoke these permissions and optionally switch to a different device. Depending on the device, location permission may also be required to read the daily totals we collect. However any location information that daily totals may be based upon is not used or stored anywhere. Daily totals that have successfully synced with us are stored with us for a consistent user experience of the wellness program whether you participate via the app or a web browser. You may delete your daily totals that are stored with us on the Device Data page. Daily totals stored with us are deleted either when you request as just described or when your account with us is deleted.

Who Has Access To My Device Information?

  • You will see your daily totals that have synced with us automatically populate or directly affect the different elements of the wellness program that utilize daily totals.
  • Others in the same competition as you may see a portion of your daily totals or a derivative of them, as you will see theirs.
  • If you ask for help with syncing/troubleshooting your device, or ask questions regarding wellness program elements that utilize daily totals, those helping you may see your daily totals data in helping to resolve the issue or answer your questions.
  • We may access your daily totals to administer, provide and/or verify elements of the wellness program.

How Will My Device Information Be Used?

It will be used to enable you to easily participate in elements of the wellness program that utilize daily totals data including competitions. Your daily totals will be used to calculate individual daily, weekly, and/or monthly totals/averages to gauge your current participation and goals/benchmarks reached or earned. This often is accompanied by a week view showing the daily total for each day of the week. Also may be the option to view past weeks based on your daily totals. When you participate in competitions, which may be individual or team based, your daily totals may be used to contribute to individual, team, and/or organization totals/averages. Further, individual or team rankings based on these totals/averages may be compiled. At times a winner may be declared based on the compiled rankings.

To administer, provide and/or verify elements of the wellness program we may generate an internal report for a wellness program element based on your daily totals and others in your organization.

Any Further Details For My Selected Device?

  • Fitbit
    The use of data received from Fitbit APIs and/or Developer Tools will strive to adhere to the Fitbit Platform Developer and User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
  • Google Fit (via the WellSteps app)
    Your Google account profile data (i.e. name, email address, and profile picture) is not stored or used anywhere. Your Google Fit activity daily totals (steps, distance, calories and/or exercise minutes) are sent by the app to us based on your current Google Fit Sync Settings in the app. You can customize all syncing of daily totals to us. Your daily totals stored with us are not associated with your Google account.

    Use of data received from Google APIs will strive to adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

  • Health Connect (via the WellSteps android app)
    Your Health Connect daily totals are sent from the app to us based on your current Health Connect read permissions. To manage these permissions go to Health Connect > App Permissions > WellSteps > then update read permissions. Alternatively you can go to WellSteps app > Device Settings to unsync with Health Connect, or to delete any data stored with us.

    The use of information received from Health Connect will strive to adhere to the Health Connect Permissions Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

  • Strava
    Strava may monitor and collect certain use data and information related to your use of the Strava API Materials, and Strava Platform in connection with WellSteps (“Usage Data”), and Strava may use such Usage Data for any business purpose, internal or external, including, without limitation, providing enhancements to the Strava API Materials or Strava Platform, providing developer of user support, ensuring compliance with Agreement, or otherwise.​