making a positive impact

More than a wellness solutions provider

We are more than a Wellness Solutions Provider. Founded in 2007, we are a team of passionate individuals driven by a common purpose: to transform the well-being of individuals and organizations. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in evidence-based practices, innovation, and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our Mission

As a Wellness Solutions Provider, we are committed to providing effective employee wellness solutions that reduce healthcare costs by preventing chronic disease and supporting individuals in their journey toward optimal health and well-being.

“Truly committed to helping our co-workers and friends achieve a healthier quality of life

Yvette Rice | Utah County

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Our Vision

Continue to be a leader in worksite wellness solutions that help individuals change behavior, reduce chronic disease, and improve quality of life.

Tailored Interventions

By combining technology and expert guidance, deliver tailored interventions that target our six pillars of wellness (physical, nutritional, mental & emotional, social, financial, and occupational wellness) to create successful outcomes.

Evidence-Based Programs

Utilize wellness as a business strategy, provide evidence-based programs and empower companies and individuals to develop sustainable habits that reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life.

Empowered Employees

Prioritize employee well-being, support work-life balance, and professional development opportunities. Foster innovation, positive collaboration, and accountability to ensure an empowered and fulfilled team, which translates into better outcomes for our clients. Together, dedicate our work to improving lives and making a lasting impact.