Behavior Change Campaigns

Whether your wellness program needs a boost or you are new to wellness, our evidence-based campaigns will help employees change behavior. WellSteps campaigns are part of all our solutions or can be delivered a la carte.

Campaigns include:

  • Campaign marketing and communication
  • Online program center for every participant
  • Campaigns available offline (paper pencil version)
  • Participation incentives
  • Kick-off webinar for all employees
  • Program outcomes and participation report



Move It!
Encourages enjoyable physical activity with
friends, family and colleagues.
    gtb Good to the Bone
Helps participants adopt simple behaviors to strengthen
muscles and bones.

catc The Culprit and The Cure
How changing lifestyle behaviors improves
health and quality of life.
  ioh small Island of Health
Helps participants build healthy behaviors and
environments at work and home.

food makeover Food Makeover
Encourages choosing and preparing
healthy foods at home.
  Good_Fat_Bad_Fatsm Good Fat, Bad Fat.
Helps participants replace bad fats with more
healthy fats.

veggie up Veggie Up!
Encourages purchasing, preparing, and
eating more fresh vegetables.
  mdg sm Maintain Don't Gain
Helps participants avoid weight gain that is typical
over the last 6 weeks of the year.

Stress Freesm Stress Free
Helps participants adopt effective strategies
to cope with stress.
  GoodNight_bkgrdsm Good Night
Helps participants apply simple strategies to
improve sleep.

Finding My marblessm Finding My Marbles
Helps participants apply simple principles
that lead to a more joyful life.
  rak Random Acts of Kindness
Helps participants feel the good from performing
random acts of kindness.

Self Caresm

Self-Care Essentials
Promotes basic principles of smart
consumer self-care.

Know Your Numberssm

Know Your Numbers
Helps participants manage elevated health risks based on
screening numbers. Best when done with a screening event.


Earth Wise
Participants apply actions to save them
money and benefit the environment.



Smoke Free Program
Helps companies adopt smoke free policies - delivered
by a consultative process with worksite committees.

iStock 000013097575XSmall Move It Coast to Coast!
Team-based race from San Francisco to
New York with scenic stops in between.
  posture perfect web Posture Perfect
Help participants reduce back and neck pain caused
by everyday activities.


The Fast Food Guide
Helps participants choose healthier fast food
from restaurant menus.


grocery guide

Grocery Guide
Helps participants find the healthier foods in their
local grocery store.


Biggest Loser For Life
A team-based competition based on the
health behaviors needed to lose weight.


Feel Fitness
Encourages a gradual increase in activity to benefit
a charitable cause

sugarbuster Sugar Busters
Helps participants reduce the amount of
sugar they consume.
  overcoming_overeating Overcome Overeating
Helps participants recognize and overcome common
cues to overeating.

bia Balance It All
Helps participants learn and apply simple
strategies to balance work and home life.

tv timeout

Tech Time-out
Promotes replacing technology use with enhancing

Other campaigns

  • Dare to Prepare. Personal and family preparedness
  • Minute to Thin It. Simple everyday tools and strategies to reduce weight
  • Custom campaigns can be developed at your request!