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Food Makeover

Participants get: Regular educational and motivational messages as we walk them through the process of helping their family eat healthier food.

Participants will: Learn which of the foods currently in their house are healthy and which ones are not. Then, they will take an inventory of the food in their home. In addition they will learn shopping secrets that will help them know what to buy and how to save money doing it. Finally, we will ask them to choose and prepare one meal from our library of healthy, simple, and tasty recipes.

What participants are saying:

  • I feel everyone should learn about healthy eating. This was easy and enjoyable!
  • I think this program is a great way to track your progress, not to mention how much I have gained from reading through the recipes and other content. I feel that this program has not only helped me become more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth but others as well. There is a difference between ‘good food’ and ‘good for you food’.