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What is the Secret of Our Success?

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Our WellSteps Guides. Here is what they do.

Overall Program Management

  • Track implementation progress using a Strategic Roadmap
  • Schedule Wellness Committee meetings
  • Lead the worksite culture audit and change process

Build a Tailored Online Program Center with:

  • Your logo
  • Your CEO’s image
  • A custom “Welcome” message prepared for you (or you can write your own)

Prepare and Deliver Materials for Campaigns and for Marketing

  • Print and deliver branded posters, flyers and table top tents for all locations
  • Package and deliver behavior change materials such as books for all locations
  • Manage incentive distribution process

Manage All Technological Requirements

  • Process and upload your employees into our system
  • Enable the Personal Health Assessment
  • Schedule behavior change campaigns and associated emails
  • Facilitate development of wellness activity list then program it into our system


  • Provide campaign outcome reports with employee comments
  • Prepare and deliver an aggregate Personal Health Assessment report
  • Provide an executive summary of program outcomes