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Employer Benefits

  • Price. The WellSteps PHA comes with individual and aggregate feedback for a very competitive price. Why? Because we are serious about helping employees change behavior.
  • Fully Integrated. Our PHA is integrated with our intuitive, engaging behavior change solutions.
  • Aggregate Report. The aggregate report is updated in real-time and available 24/7. Contact us to see an aggregate report.
  • Tailorable. You can tailor the PHA by adding questions that can be included into your aggregate report!
  • Co-Brandable. Hospitals/Brokers can use our PHA and can access customer aggregate data.
  • Available in Multiple Languages. Our PHA is available online in U.S. English, Australian English,  Portuguese and Spanish.  It is also available in paper format in English and Spanish.
  • GINA Compliant. The WellSteps PHA is focused on modifiable lifestyle behaviors. It does not include questions about genetic or family history.
  • Coaching Enabled. Our coaching algorithm identifies employees who consent to coaching, who are high risk and who are ready to change. This is more cost-effective and yields more effective coaching outcomes.

Benefits For Employees

  • Wearable Integration. After employees complete the PHA and review actionable feedback, they can sync their wearable device and begin immediately changing behavior.
  • Tailored Feedback. The WellSteps PHA feedback is softly tailored and written in a kind, comfortable tone. Several messaging options are available based on PHA responses.
  • Health Grade. Employees get an overall "Health Grade" and grades for several behaviors with their feedback.
  • Brief. The WellSteps PHA takes 5-7 minutes to complete.
  • Understandable. The WellSteps PHA includes questions and feedback written at the sixth grade level.
  • Personal. HRA feedback commonly compares the user to “everyone else” which can promote unhealthy behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. Our PHA allows users to compare themselves against their own progress in an interactive dashboard.


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