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These are materials used in presentations by Dr. Aldana or Dr. Adams. If you are looking for Webinar materials, go here.

5/10/2016 SICBA Boise, Idaho

Download Ed Christenson's slides:  

The Business Case on Wellness 

How WellSteps Works 

Three Years of Wellness Case Study  

5/5/2016 WORKWELL Partnership Summit, Rapid City, SD

Download Dr. Aldana's slides:  

10-20 Extra Years of Life, The Choice is Yours 

Culture Clash 

What an Effective Wellness Program Looks Like  

11/20/2015 PDRMA 2015 Meeting, Chicago, IL

Dr Aldana's keynote slides here
Dr. Aldana's Breakout slides here

07/29/2015 EMI Employee Presentation by Dr. Aldana

Download Dr. Aldana's presentation here

05/19/2015 UBA Spring Meeting & Expo, Chicago, IL

Download Dr. Aldana's Keynote presentation here

Download Dr. Aldana's breakout presentation on WellSteps here

05/05/2015 Cooper Global Wellness Steering Commitee, Napa, CA

Download Dr. Aldana's slides until June 1st, 2015

04/08/2015 VolkBell Presentation, Longmont, CO

Download Dr. Aldana's Slides

04/02/2015 AJHP Conference, San Diego, CA

Real world outcomes of the AMSO and RE-AIM Framewords, Download Dr. Aldana's Slides here

01/20/2015 CHLI/Merrill Lynch, Charlotte, NC

Download Dr. Aldana's slides here

01/03/2015- School Care, Manchester, NH

Download Dr. Aldana's slides