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ROI Calculator

Use the ROI Calculator to project the impact of evidence-based programs on health care costs, productivity, and absenteeism. Compare these projections with the cost of doing nothing.

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Wellness Budget Calculator

Use the Wellness Budget Calculator to find money to fund a best-practice, results-oriented wellness program. Two calculators help you find money from either adjusting your benefit plan design or by implementing an outcomes-based initiative.

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Wellness Compliance Checker

How can you know whether your wellness program is in compliance with ERISA, HIPAA and GINA?  Introducing the FREE WellSteps Wellness Compliance Checker.  

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Checklist to Change Health Culture Audit

Are you currently using evidence-based strategies to change worksite culture, policy and environment?  The Checklist to Change is an audit that will help you assess and improve your worksite culture of health.

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Worksite Wellness Implementation Guide

The WellSteps Worksite Wellness Implementation Guide was designed to help you plan, implement and evaluate a worksite wellness program on your own.

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Plan to Change Worksheet

You have results from an HRA but what should you do next? Plan to Change translates the best public health planning model into simple steps to help you and your wellness committee prioritize, schedule and budget wellness strategies. 

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