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WellSteps PLUS

PLUS is a Simple But Powerful Way to Manage Population Health


You Can:

  • Choose the outcomes including health status or risk factors
  • Select the numerical standard for each outcome
  • Set a percent improvement that allows the employee to get the incentive
  • Create a customized list of qualifying alternative standards
  • Track and report employee health status automatically
  • Tailor communications to employees about the program
  • Let employees know when they have met the requirements or if not, what they should do

Plus Includes:

  • A six-month communication plan to prepare the population and accept input
  • A customized webpage, a webinar, and other messaging to explain the program
  • Automatic verification that alternate standards have been completed
  • Tailoring of communication and programming to the characteristics of the worksite
  • Real-time reporting of aggregate employee health status


Employees Will:

  • Understand the program so they will be more likely to engage
  • Have an opportunity to provide input and ask questions
  • Know what numerical standards must be met or percent improvement must be achieved
  • Choose from several alternate standards if they can't achieve numerical standards  
  • Know instantly when they have met the requirements or be told what to do in order to meet them


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