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The Wellsteps App

Participate in all aspects of the WellSteps wellness program from the WellSteps mobile app.

  • Complete the Personal Health Assessment
  • Access Activity & Incentive Trackers
  • Participate in Campaigns & Challenges
  • Take Advantage of Behavior Change Tools
  • Enter Reward Activities & Receive Incentives
  • Utilize Goal Setting Tools

*To use this app, your employer must be a current WellSteps customer.

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Stop & Go Fast Food Guide

Now you can eat fast food and eat healthy, with a team of nutrition experts helping you make better fast food choices. With the Stop and Go Fast Food Nutrition Guide, nutrition experts show which fast foods to eat and which ones to avoid. Over 25,000 fast foods are color coded red, yellow, and green.

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Stop & Go Grocery Guide

Nutrition experts help you make healthy grocery food selections. The Grocery Guide by Stop & Go cuts through the food marketing hype and gives you scientifically based recommendations on which grocery store foods to eat and which ones to avoid. Now you can know which common grocery foods are healthy and which are not.

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