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WellSteps Runs on 100% Clean Energy

From the very beginning, the plan was for WellSteps to be a forward looking company. First, we arranged things so that all of our employees could work remotely all the time. Next, we moved all of our technology to the cloud on AWS.

Lastly, the thing that makes us the most proud is that 100% of all energy consumed by WellSteps comes from renewable wind and solar sources. Operating in this manner, we plan for WellSteps to be around for the next 100 years.


Why We Use Renewable Energy

Here are the main reasons we made this commitment to clean energy:

  • WellSteps is based in Utah. Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air we breathe. Many scientists have concluded that fossil fuels are the main cause of climate change. Below is a picture of a typical winter day in the Western United States and many of our employees live and work in this polluted air. No one should have to live under these conditions.

  •  WellSteps now uses only clean energy produced from wind and solar sources. As an organization, we contribute zero harmful particulates to our environment.
  • We're serious about wellness. Wellness extends way beyond physical and emotional health. True wellness also requires us to be good stewards of the environment.


"WellSteps is not just a wellness company. It's a real-world example of how forward-looking companies can chart a sustainable, planet-friendly path towards decades of business success."

Dr. Steven Aldana

CEO WellSteps


What We Do To Keep Our Planet Clean

  • WellSteps owners, Dr. Steven Aldana and Dr. Troy Adams lead the way by making their homes solar powered. Many of our employees have followed suit.


  • Not all of our employees have access to renewable sources of energy. To ensure that all WellSteps power comes from clean sources, we also purchase clean energy credits. Regardless of how much electricity we use as a company, 100% of it comes from renewable sources like wind or solar.
  • We considered the importance of clean energy when WellSteps was born. All WellSteps employees work remotely. Not a single WellSteps employee commutes to or from work. By not driving, we keep our harmful tailpipe emissions very close to zero.
  • WellSteps makes extensive use of virtual meeting technologies. Our employee and clients meet regularly, but almost never in person. We highly encourage our WellSteps clients to use virtual meetings and conferences. Virtual meetings are less expensive and produce zero harmful emissions. Less travel means less pollution.
  • We inform and educate our employees about energy saving practices and strategies to help keep our planet clean. To help our wellness customers be better stewards of our planet we developed the "Earth Wise" behavior change campaign. This campaign is full of clean energy tips, strategies and activities. 
  • We share our clean energy successes with others (like you) in hopes that other businesses and individuals will also have the desire to make a positive, long-term impact on our planet.


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