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WellSteps Small Business Solution


We will help you assess employee and cultural health. We will assign a dedicated account manager who will organize all meetings, send messages, provide marketing materials, and other tools to help your program be successful. We will send campaign materials to a coordinator for distribution and provide campaign incentives. We will provide regular reports after major events and an annual report at the end of each program year. The WellSteps Small Business Solution is for groups with 100 employees or fewer.



    • Online Program Center and APP for every employee and significant other
    • Rewards activity and incentive tracking tool
    • Personal Health Assessment* with a health report card in a dynamic dashboard
    • Screening Reminder to help participants remember annual check-up details
    • Behavior Change Campaigns* (3 per year)
    • My Tracker to help employees track health behaviors that are syncable with many wearables
    • Wellness Plan to help employees know when they have completed critical program components
    • Download the case study or marketing piece


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