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WellSteps TLC

What Is TLC


  • A set of clinically proven lifestyle tools to help employees lower elevated health risks*
  • Video-based educational content with follow-up strategies, support, and motivation 
  • A comprehensive, 10+ week intervention to prevent chronic disease before it starts


Why Employees Need TLC

  • It is the only program designed to address root causes of chronic disease
  • It is a clinically proven approach to prevent, arrest and in some cases reverse chronic disease
  • TLC requires no medication, only lifestyle change!


 Why Your Program Absolutely Needs TLC 

  • Most working adults have at least one elevated health risk 
  • Those with elevated health risks cost more in health care, workers comp, and absenteeism 
  • Medical guidelines recommend TLC before pills but unless someone makes it happen, it never does


* In peer-reviewed scientific research, participants improved daily fruit, vegetable, and whole grain intake; increased physical activity; and reduced saturated fat intake. These changes were evident by 6 weeks and were still present at 6, 12 and 18 months follow-up.


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