What We Do

Employee Wellness Solutions

Our WellSteps Solution (100+) and our Small Business Solution (<100) include:

Companies new to wellness or with mature programs - ask about other solutions.



Performance Guarantee

Our WellSteps and Advance solutions have a performance guarantee. If we don't reach targets for participation, behavior change and health care costs, we will refund a portion of fees.


Evidence-based Solutions

Our solutions are based on behavior change science. Get a summary here. Published evidence indicates that the WellSteps solution produces a positive ROI and improves employee health. Our evidence is why we can offer a performance guarantee.



Evidence-producing Solutions

brochure, regular webinars and national presentations are nice, but nothing documents the effectiveness of our solutions like published evidence.

We are committed to a rigorous evaluation process to document the impact of our solutions on costs, risks and behavior. This evidence is used to improve our solutions.


Unmatched Leadership

Dr. Steven Aldana, CEO and Dr. Troy Adams, COO combine 5 decades of experience in workplace health research and practice.

Few vendors combine the academic and practical knowledge to create and evaluate effective workplace health programs.

Our leadership has attracted large organizations such as Kaiser Permanente for whom we trained brokers and provided a wellness solution for many of their covered employer groups.



Your Guide Does the Heavy Lifting

Each WellSteps customer is assigned a WellSteps Guide who serves as a dedicated worksite wellness specialist. The WellSteps Guide is the glue that holds everything together.

The key to our success is the commitment and service provided by our Guides. Many customers tell us that they are treated as if they were the only WellSteps account.


Sustainable Behavior Change

Wellness programs have only focused on health awareness. We understand that it takes more than awareness to help employees change.

We help our customers create health promoting policies and supportive environments that sustain behavior change.  We call this process Culture Change Consulting.


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