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Just sit back and watch employee health risks change over time while we securely manage all private data. An assigned account manager will help you assess employee health, plan meetings, train your team, send messages and provide you with materials. Regular reports will be provided after major events and at the end of each program year. The Foundations Solution is perfect for Outcomes-based Wellness Initiatives.



    • Online Program Center and APP for every employee
    • Rewards activity and incentive tracking tool
    • Personal Health Assessment with a health report card in a dynamic dashboard
    • Screening Reminder to help participants remember annual check-up details
    • Behavior Change Campaigns* (3 per year)
    • Game Based Challenges
    • My Tracker to help employees track health behaviors that are syncable with many wearables
    • Wellness Plan to help employees know when they have completed critical program components
    • A biometric data management form that includes a space for physician signature or exception for each appeals

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