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  November Webinar


Wellness and Lower Health Care Costs: Everything You Need to Know

RegisterMost of the drivers of health care costs have nothing to do with wellness. The best wellness programs focus on the cost drivers that can actually be changed. Dr. Steven Aldana will help you understand how to create and administer wellness programs that impact health care costs.

In this webinar you will:

  • Identify the health care cost drivers that can be controlled
  • See how behavior-based wellness can have a direct impact on cost
  • Examine case studies that prove that costs can be reduced
  • Learn how to build a wellness program that will reduce medical costs


Thursday, November 17th at 11 a.m. EST, 10 CST, 9 MST, 8 PST


Archived Webinars

Webinars that featured noted guests

10/6/2016 Brokers Share Their Wellness Secrets

Lisa Weston and Heather Mills share their passion about worksite wellness.

Webinar slides

Webinar video

8/25/2016 Value on Investment: Another Measure of Wellness Success

Dr. Troy Adams discusses all of the evidence around VOI and places comparisons with ROI into context.

VOI Research Study

VOI White Paper

Willis Health and Productivity Survey

Value Beyond Money - CDC

Measuring VOI

Webinar slides

Webinar video

6/30/2016 Wearables and Workplace Wellness: The Complete Guide

Dr. Steve Aldana provides the definitive guide to all things "wearable."

Webinar slides

Webinar video

5/26/2016 Should You Start an Employee Wellness Program? The Pros and Cons

Dr. Steve Aldana puts the wellness benefit in it's proper light and provides scientific evidence supporting the wellness business case.
Download slides here

Webinar video
The 2013 Rand Report
Global Survey of Worplace Wellness
Small and Midsized Companies Talk About Wellness

4/28/2016 Health Coaching: The Complete Guide

Dr. Troy Adams provides a comprehensive and light-hearted view of the entire body of health coaching evidence.
Download slides here
Webinar video
Health coaching summary
Health coaching defined

3/25/2016 Wellness Program Engagement: The Complete Guide

Dr. Steve Aldana provides a definitive summary of everything necessary to boost wellness program engagement.
Download slides here
Webinar video
Culture Paper
Leadership Blog
Health Contingent Blog

02/25/2016 The Tough Wellness Questions Every Broker and Expert Should Know

Dr. Troy Adams shares the answers to 10 very important questions about the wellness industry.
Download slides here
Webinar video
Capturing the Value. (Towers Watson Willis)
Highmark study
Wellness Award Winners Smash the S&P 500
Health Contingent Wellness Programs

01/29/2016 Shared Values, Shared Results: A Discussion with Dr. Dee Edington

Download slides here
Webinar video

12/10/2015 Proven Ways to Improve Workplace Environment and Policy

Dr. Troy Adams shares some keys to making the healthiest choice the easiest.

Webinar slides
Culture Change Review
Behavior Change
Townsend Industries Case Study
Webinar Video Recording

10/29/2015 How to Get A Zero Health Care Cost Trend

Dr. Steve Aldana discusses some of the latest evidence supporting the return of wellness.

Webinar slides
Health Care Cost Control Infographic
Webinar Video Recording

09/24/2015 Making Wellness Even Better With Disease Management

Dr. Troy Adams reviews disease management, then makes the case for wellness plus disease management.

Webinar slides
CDC Diabetes Report Card
About ACO's
Staywell Risk Migration Study
Webinar video

08/24/2015 Health Contingent Wellness Programs Done Right

Dr. Troy Adams discusses best practices of health contingent wellness programs.

Webinar slides
Webinar video

06/26/2015 The Return on Wellness: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Steven Aldana shares the truth about the real impact of wellness programs.

Webinar slides
Webinar video part 1
Webinar video part 2
Review of Financial Returns

05/28/2015 Wellness Done Right: A Look Under the WellSteps Hood

Dr. Steve Aldana reveals the secrets of what makes WellSteps work.

No Slides Were Shared
Webinar video

04/30/2015 Biometric Screening Done Right

Dr. Troy Adams shares key points to consider when designing a biometric screening program.

Vendor Security Checklist
EEOC Fact Sheet for Small Business
Webinar video

03/26/2015 Behavior Change: The Secret Ingredient of Effective Wellness

Dr. Steve Aldana discusses how every effective wellness program has changed employee behaviors. He also discusses how to change employee behavior.

Webinar video

02/26/2015 How Successful Brokers Play The Wellness Card

Dr. Troy Adams discusses how brokers can double their new business by becoming trusted wellness advisors.

Webinar video
WELCOA Case Study

01/29/2015 Preparing Today for Wellness in 2020: A Panel Discussion

Five leading thinkers in the wellness industry forecast the future with specific recommendations on how to prepare.

Webinar video
Tom Parry's presentation notes